You Will Find One That Suits You at CeBIT 2016 among Airwheel Distinctive electric scooters

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  • You Will Find One That Suits You at CeBIT 2016 among Airwheel Distinctive electric scooters

Abstract: The information technology and information engineer feast CeBIT 2016 is drawing near. Enterprises are making efforts to represent their novel products to the consumers while the consumers are eager to welcome this moment. For portable transportation, Airwheel’s electric drift hoverboard are very popular now and consumers can have a try at CeBIT.

CeBIT 2016 provides such a big platform for enterprises to display their products and for consumers to appreciate the most cutting edge technology. As the leadership in intelligent and portable transportation, Airwheel Technology will also showcase its humanized products at CeBIT 2016 with each series of electric scooters and hoverboards in Hall17-H06.

Speaking of Airwheel’s scooter, it is becoming more and more popular and accepted by most of people. Each has its distinctive features. There is no need to worry since you will find one that finally suits you.

Among S series, s6 mini electric scooter is the outstanding and latest transportation for daily commuting. S6 is added with the pressure sense system which remedies the shortcomings of traditional electric scooter’s two gyroscopes. Riders can stand to drive or sit to drive. Another factor that will influence the riding comfortableness is the operating arm. S6’s operating arm can be adjusted according to the different status of riders. Besides, the pedals are made of natural rubber and are designed with concave-convex texture which can effectively buffer the shocking. All of the features make S6 the most comfortable electric scooter. In addition, S5 electric self-balancing scooter is used for wild exploration.

Z3 2 wheels electric scooter is also listed among the new products released by Airwheel. The breakthrough of this electric scooter is the upgrading of riding posture. You will see the pedals of Z3 can be folded. When riders stand on it, they need to unfold them and in such way to avoid the overlapping standing posture.

Airwheel also launched an electric air board M3. With the 2.4G wireless remote control, M3 becomes easier to learn for most of people than the traditional ones. Meanwhile it can be used as fitness equipment. Although manipulated by a remote control, it also requires riders’ body to control the direction and speed.

Sincerely hope you find your favorite one.