You absolutely cannot miss visiting Hall17-H06 where Airwheel will showcase its electric scooters on CeBIT 2016

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  • You absolutely cannot miss visiting Hall17-H06 where Airwheel will showcase its electric scooters on CeBIT 2016

Abstract: As the largest exhibition about IT high-tech brand, CeBIT 2016 earns much attention each year. From 14th March to 18th March, CeBIT 2016 will be held in Hannover, Germany. There must be lots of new products that attract visitors but you absolutely cannot miss visiting Airwheel located in Hall17-H06.

Boasting an IT show and a conference programme for professionals, CeBIT has been public concern for a long time. Now CeBIT 2016 is drawing closely. People who are fond of self-balancing electric scooters are eager to have a close contact with the new products from Airwheel.

From 14th March to 18th March, each of you can choose one day to visit this exhibition. Visitors not only can broaden their horizons and increase knowledge about the cutting edge science and technologies but also can have the opportunity to know the portable and practical transportation tools which are different from traditional vehicles. From all the products it made, people can figure out why Airwheel win so much love of its fans.

Take the three latest products as examples. The first one is the sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6. As the vehicle replacing walking for short distance journey, S6 brings users great convenience. What’s more, riders can have two kinds of postures to ride, sitting or standing. Lower the operating arm if you choose to sit on S6.

Z3 2-wheels scooter is the second example. This magic electric scooter is endowed with lots of unique and humanized features by Airwheel engineers. The weight of 11.8kg and the multiple folding system make Z3 portable feature. Users can fold the pedals, operating arms and the connection part between the pedals and the front wheels when they need to place it into the car, bus, subways or corner at their home or office. The ingenuity of he replaceable battery design and the up-mounted battery design can be called a masterpiece.

As for the electric skateboard M3, it is installed with wireless remote control so that users learn it much easier than traditional skateboards. This is also a big progress. In a word, you can not miss visiting Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters in technology trade shows Hall17-H06.