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Abstract: Internet and science technology are getting more closed. The advantage of traditional science technology mostly exists in the efficiency of large manufacture equipment and some certain collective coordination way. As the Internet gradually becomes mature, more new products spring out. As a new star of intelligent vehicles industry, Airwheel focuses on the evolution of the trip means and continues to explore from intelligent e bikes.

In 2013, Airwheel started from making single wheel electric scooters and gradually cut a figure in the self-balancing electric scooters industry. Till now, it has completed the strategic arrangement for intelligent vehicle industry preliminarily and stretches its business into some supporting facilities which aims to realize the multiple development. In June and July, Airwheel published two new products in intelligent e bikes series in succession. E6 e bike took the lead to grasp the appetite of users and then E3 backpack electric bike appeared.

Involving into intelligent e bikes industry is not seized with a sudden impulse, but decided through long-time thinking and analysis for industry trends. Traditional bikes, due to its function limitation, wear off in daily life. However, as a personal transporting tool that can facilitate body coordination, bicycle has a large market potential. Airwheel combines intelligent technology with the portability of bicycles and as a result it can have such refreshing products.

Shown as an “X” shape for the figure, E6 folding electric bike only weighs 12.6kg and can load riders within 100kg. The X-shaped figure, simple and powerful, not only lightens the total weight but also reduces the folding time, that is, saves the time of users. After turning the tiny part in the cross section, users can pack it up so as to take less space for parking.

The so-called backpack electric bike E3 seems more amazing. Of course, this is not a boast. Airwheel spent nearly one year to carefully study and discuss and finally passed the folding solution. E3 foldable electric bike seems to be a two “O”, interesting and miraculous. Except handrails and pedals, wheels and seat can also be folded and packed to the point. The separated left-right design for seat enhances the ventilation and keeps the body on the seat balanced.

By this trend, Airwheel will keep forward to develop more fashionable and practical products.