Why Are Some Electric Self-balancing Scooters Literally Catching Fire?

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Abstract: Now 2016 New year is going on. Surely, some kids or teenagers are playing hoverboards, showing off to friends since it is one of the hottest gifts of the season which is too hot to catch fire. The aim of this post is to let players play it safely.  

And while most hoverboards are made safely, Whitacre, a professor of university points out two reasons for why this gadget in particular is having this kind of problems. Obviously, these batteries inside the devices are more powerful than those in a smartphone or laptop, and some of those are poor quality.




Electric devices have more lithium-ion batteries in them than most things because they're used to move riders around. Meanwhile, it takes more batteries to get you the power energy to do that and as such there's just more energy in a small space and so if something does go wrong, it's a bit more catastrophic.

Because of that danger, he offers two precautions: Don't overcharge your self-balancing electric scooter, and don't use or charge indoors. But in the case of a fire with any devices, he suggests to put it in a non-flammable container like a bathtub and completely submerge it in water, as they burn very hot and very fast.




In regards to the sayings of that professor, they are not totally correct. In my opinion, the effective way to prevent any tragedy incidents should work on from the head, choosing a big brand name of electric skateboards. When the explosion or fire occurs, the rider may not have the courage to move the burning board to some non-flammable container.

The first response to the emergency should run away from the danger. And find something or fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Here, those three brand names Airwheel, Solowheel, and Segway are strongle recommended for they are reliable.