Whether Self-balancing Scooter’s Public Image is demonized?


Abstract: The three leading US airline groups have announced a ban on so-called hoverboards, saying their batteries present an unacceptable fire hazard. Most people or institutions have treated scooters as a monster. Whether it's true or not, it's a riddle for most laymen and consumers of this device. The following unprofessional words are going to explain.

A US government agency is investing the two-wheeled scooters after receiving at least 10 reports of fires. Other airlines have already banned the skateboard-like device, which is a popular gift item this holiday season. JetBlue, Alaska, Virgin American, Hawaiian, Spirit and Allegiant have all previous banned hoverboards, and Southwest is having internal discussions on how best to handle the devices.




Of course, this ban can ruin hoverboard's public image due its lower coefficient of safety. The headstream of the scourge should blame some conscienceless manufacturers to produce defect products. Delta has said that the self-balancing electric scooter often use batteries that exceed the wattage allowed on planes and are often poorly labeled. The lithium ion batteries used in the devices are common in devices like phones, laptops and toys. About these disaster caused by greedy manufacturers without conscientiousness, it also brings unfairness to those consumer-friendly manufacturers producing scooters.




Therefore, public image of those qualified hoverboards made by top-tier producers like Airwheel or Solowheel is ruined by those cataclysmic events. These greedy producers only aiming at how to get maximum benefits deserve to be condemned and punished.

As players we appeal to relevant authorities to take actions towards any manufacturers who fail to comply with these safety requirements need to be publicly exposed and driven out of the market. Hereby, we just want to prevent scooter's public image from being ruined by inferior producers.




We need to protect new riders or players from manufacturers who don't care about their safety. Hope some electric skateboards' manufacturers read this post, and do something to stop scooter's public image being demonized.