Welcome to Test Airwheel F3 Orbit Electric Unicycle on CES 2016

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Abstract: Since the grand event CES is just around the corner, it drives most electronics enthusiasts exciting. The electric drift hoverboard Airwheel will showcase its new arrival F3 orbit electric unicycle which has not put into the production. Airwheel will locate at booth no. 48001&48003, and welcome to test it.

This Wednesday Airwheel with its all products will attend the grand CES in Las Vegas on January 6th 2016. For whether one wheel or two wheels, Airwheel will bring all of them to the show, it has booked 2 booths no. 48001&48003 in order to hold all electric scooters. All products showcased by Airwheel present a common concept—to make getting around convenient with green yet low carbon.

Two booths owned by Airwheel will display different electric devices. One is for classical scooters like X series electric unicycle and Q series twin-wheeled scooters. The other one can showcase S series, and new arrivals. Airwheel A3 two-wheeled electric scooter is a middle stage scooter designed with handlebars and a seat. Two large wheels are located either side of the bodywork. Moreover, it’s installed with electric brake. When meeting some emergency, rider may fail to make a quick response. Having an electric braking is handy. Plus the seat can offer rider a comfortable riding experience. But among the new arrivals, F3 is the most shinning one.

Airwheel F3 is an electric unicycle without a seat. Its degree of difficulty of riding is not less than riding X series. Just for its challenge, F3 is worth paying attention to players. F3 annular electric scooter is so small and exquisite. Around the rim there is a lap of red stripe on the tire. It makes tire well-marked, and it’s also a sign of festiveness. By the side of rim, two pedals are installed like the wings of angel, which are about to drive riders to roll on the road. And the top part above pedals is a hollow there. It’s truly innovative. The annular body is coated a transparent shell made of PC & ABS composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance.

F3 electric hoverboard with the hubless design on CES 2016 are waiting for visitors’ riding. Welcome to Booth No. 48001&48003 to test scooters.