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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video may be worth a thousand pictures. That is, there are many moments best captured by video rather than a still photo, be it an exciting climbing, bungee jumping or Parkour. How to record these wonderful moments in Extreme sports activities? Airwheel C5 intelligent smart helmets is undoubtedly qualified for this.

Intelligent helmet, Airwheel C5, is the new arrival after finishing expanding its production line. As we all know, each series product of Airwheel causes a great sensation and becomes the big helper in daily commuting. Apart from those intelligent electric scooters and skateboards, Airwheel also develops the intelligent wearing equipment, C5 helmet for Extreme sports which can be used for Extreme sports activities such as climbing, bungee jumping or Parkour etc. It is a good way of reviewing and sharing splendid moments.

When you are concentrating on the sports itself and enjoying the excitement, have you ever thought of recording everything happened in that moment or recording the surrounding landscapes you’ve seen? Yes, most of you will but it may be difficult, especially in those dangerous sports activities. Actually it is too late to take out your smartphone to keep record of it.

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Now this issue can be fixed by wearing C5 smart helmet. Mounted with 150° view-shed accompanying camera, C5 helmet heads up helmet can take photos or videos and it has a maximum capacity of 128GB. What’s more, the inside 2000mAh imported lithium battery can supply long-time power for shooting high-definition videos continuously for about three hours. Share is a virtue. Extreme sports enthusiasts can share their exciting experience with their friends or upload the photos or videos into social media apps by connecting the network hotspot through the inside Wi-Fi transmission modular.

Sure, that’s not the only one function for C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety. Listening to music when moving is dangerous but the high quality Bluetooth speaker installed in C5 intelligent helmet for road safety can ensure users to hear sounds from exterior environment in case of any emergency accidents occur when they are listening to music. Also, answering phones calls is one of the awesome features of C5. We believe, finally you’ll think those videos shoot by Airwheel C5 will be very valuable in your whole life.

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