To have a pleasant riding, people will need Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet

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Abstract: For those who take riding as a way of relax and leisure, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is highly appropriate. On the one hand, it can protect head from damage. On the other hand, it is integrated with many modules so as to bring more convenience and fun to riders.

As for riding, the most significant equipment will be definitely the riding vehicle pedaled by riders while riding helmet comes second because it can effectively safeguard riders. But here is the problem- what kind of helmet is the best? As a matter of fact, every rider’s demand varies. Airwheel C5 helmet camera, which is going to be introduced next is seemed as really right by combining with riding equipment.

So far, there are all kinds of helmets existing in the market. But many riders regard that a considerable helmets are not comfortable after wearing them. Give that, Airwheel focuses on the wearing experience in designing C5 smart helmet. Its applicable head girth is among 53~63cm so most people can wear it comfortably. Front air inlet design, inward ventilating slot and tail vertical exhaust air help C5 to build an integral ventilation system for ensuring a cool and dry wearing experience.

Except the fantastic wearing experience, C5 helmet is designed with some other functions to assist riding such as photo shooting, playing music and answering phone calls etc. Many riders are fond of taking pictures or videos in memory of wonderful moments. During riding, how to capture the beautiful scenes and interesting things is really a problem. Luckily, Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display can solve it since it is installed with a 150°sport camera. Hence, it liberates hands to capture what you see. Besides, C5 intelligent helmet has Wi-Fi module which means that you can share the videos or photos with families or friends via the app on smart phone.

A survey shows that some riders also like to listen to music when they are riding. But it is of great danger because the earphones will impede the reception of surrounding sounds. By contrast, C5 intelligent helmet for road safety uses Bluetooth module to connect phone and then riders can listen to music stored in the SD card.

Now you can hardly wait to purchase one in hand to have fun.