The elegance of Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter ravishes people’s eyes

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  • The elegance of Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter ravishes people’s eyes

Abstract: With growing popularity of intelligent self-balancing scooter, various types of self-balancing scooter come into the view. Last year, Airwheel launched its first multiple posture electric scooter S6 sitting posture electric drift hoverboard which won warm praise from the mess. However last week, Airwheel unveiled S8 double-wheels electric scooter.

Previously Airwheel owned S3, S5 and S6 electric scooter for S series. And each of them has its own merits. Meanwhile Airwheel continues to upgrade its technology and optimize the details. Last week, double-wheels electric scooter S8, unveiled by Airwheel, attracts lots of people’s attention. Airwheel makes the mess appreciate the beautiful intelligent life with the aid of science and technology once again.

One of the cores for Airwheel is smart and the appearance of Airwheel S8 electric walkcar nicely demonstrates this point. How can we say S8 is the example of showing the smart? From the following details, it is not hard to see that.

Control lever in C shape-symbol of elegance
Apparently S8 sitting posture electric scooter’s control lever differs from the previous ones. Originally the control lever of S6 electric walkcar is straight. However S8 alters the straight lever to C shape that stem from presenting the better operating experience when riders stand to ride and strengthening the load capacity. As a result S8 looks like more graceful and mellow.

Pneumatic tyres with 10 inches-brave and fearless
The 10-inch tyres are sized to adapt various of road conditions. With the enlarged tyres, riders’ traveling will becomes more smooth and flexible. However it is not easy to see the difference between the type of S8 two wheel electric walkcar and S6. S8 two-wheel saddle-equipped scooter adopts the pneumatic tyres instead of solid tyres for gaining a better effect of shock absoption.

Cushion optimization-enhancement of comfort level
After the special optimization on cushion package, the gravity of S8 electric scooter with seat has lean to the backward and the shape & hardness have also been adjusted to enhance the comfort level. Perhaps there are no too much breakthroughs for Airwheel S8 electric walkcar comparing to Airwheel s6 mini electric scooter, but the optimized design and details can bring more comfortable, joyful and efficient riding experience.
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