Safety is still the most standout feature of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet

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Airwheel C5 smart helmets is the new arrival after Airwheel expands its production line. It gathers lots of functions, such as answering phone calls, playing music, taking photos or shooting videos. But essentially, all these amazing functions are developed for ensuring users’ safety.

When Airwheel becomes the topic, most of the people can name the six major series of intelligent electric scooters or skateboards. But recently, Airwheel launched a multi-functional helmet for matching with transporting vehicles so as to enrich the riding and safeguard the traveling.

In the selection of material, C5 smart helmet only weighs 425g which conforms to the standard of lightweight riding. The main part adopts the high-strength polycarbonate which can protect head from damage in case of accidents. According to different head circumferences, C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety heads up display is designed for adjusting its size. Users whose head circumference is between 53cm and 63cm can wear it comfortably after adjusting the size through adjuster.

C5 bluetooth helmet

With regard to its functions, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety proceeds from safety. This can be seen from the following two points. Everyone will take his or her smartphones at hand. It is inevitable that someone is calling when you are still being on your way but it matters about how to answer calls safely.

Directly taking phone out may shield the sight and the result is probably losing the balancing. C5 bluetooth helmet, equipped with Bluetooth earphones and microphone, is capable of answering calls. It is not only easy but also quick, more convenient than wired earphones.

In addition, it also has high quality Bluetooth loudspeaker which can play the audio file put in the phone. In this way, even if users are listening to music, they can hear clearly the sounds made from surroundings so as to avoid dangers.

Sometimes to ride is not just for daily commuting but for going for a journey. Obviously, most of us would like to keep some photos or videos for reviewing in the future. while riding scooter electric, C5 custom intelligent helmet can record every moment during riding by the high definition pixel of 2304×1296.

In short, safety is still the most standout feature of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet.

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