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Abstract: Traveling gives the people a novel experience and a new perspective by escaping from the hustle and bustle in daily life. As the second longest river in Britain, river Thames attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. Ride with Airwheel intelligent electric drift hoverboard helmet C3 to fully enjoy the unique scenery.

Located in the southeast of England and originating from Cotswold Hills, river Thames is the longest river in England with about 338km long and is the landmark of London. It attracts large numbers of international visitors with the fascinating scenery alongside the riverbank and its long-lasting history. John Burns, the famous member of British parliament once said Thames is the flowing history which witnesses the vicissitude of Britain.

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Riding alongside river Thames wearing Airwheel intelligent helmet C3 is a wonderful experience as the helmet integrates many functions including communication, camera and data record, etc. Its intelligent camera with glass lens of wide angle and anti-shake design records every fascinating moment on the way. Thames is crossed with 214 historic and classic bridges with the distinctive features and stories. The oldest is London Bridge first built with wood by Romans and was then rebuilt with stone from 1176 to 1209. With the development of transportation, it was then broadened and became a scenic spot. Albert Bridge is a double cable-stayed bridge of milky white color which is described as the most beautiful bridge crossing Thames by artists. The visitor can use the camera of Airwheel C3 to take photos or videos along the way freely and share these happy moments with family members and friends.

Airwheel smart helmet C3 also takes the rider’s safety into consideration and is an indispensable device for the riders. Riding along the riverbank to enjoy the scenery is relaxing and refreshing. However, imagine if the mobile phone keeps ringing and the rider has to stop to answer the phone, this will make the rider fell upset. Fortunately, wearing Airwheel helmet C3 helps solve the problem. Designed with bluetooth transmission technology, Airwheel C3 makes it much easier to answer the phone. Also, it is designed with a wind cap to protect the eyes during riding. Therefore, the rider can enjoy the beautiful scenery along Thames with guaranteed safety.

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