“Pride and prejudice”- Airwheel E6 smart e bike and traditional bicycles

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Abstract: Bicycle covered by dust, I believe, is the place where it hosts the good memories in our childhood and young ages. With the widespread of private cars, traditional private cars are less preferred.

With the rapid development of transportation industry, it is more convenient than before. In the past, bicycle is the most frequently used tool but nowadays, people may feel it can't satisfy their current needs due to the slower speed and large energy consumption. But the welfare is the coming of E6 e bike which will let you know the advantages by riding this no-chain structure e bike.


electric road bike


Bicycle means the beautiful memories of youth. Once you went to each corner in the city by bicycle. But obviously, it is unable to keep pace with this era, except the playground and few areas. Slow speed and less functions make it not appear in the main roads.


Airwheel E6


E6 smart electric bike, only weighing 14.15kg, breaks the common parameter range of traditional bikes and it is very easier to be folded. The aluminum alloy shell strengthens the firmness of the body and the over ten coats of car-level painting procedure improves the anti-corrosion ability of the shell. The X-shaped design is also eye-catching. After poking the reserved pin in the middle of the main stream, the handrails and pedals will be folded naturally. And the separated left-right saddle, made of natural rubber, improves the ventilation and the force is got balanced.


foldable electric bike with app


On your way, E6 intelligent e bike, equipped with professional lithium technology, will give you an amazing riding experience. Wheel hub motor reaches up to 300W but the process of producing power is quiet. Although its maximum speed is only about 20km/h, it is the most optional riding speed among electric vehicles and it is enough for daily commute. Vehicle control system, depending on the big riding data, can analyze the ideal power solution so as to move smoothly and steadily.

Well, the wonderful times with bicycles will be lengthened on Airwheel E6.