Personal Transporter Manufacturer Airwheel Intelligent Scooter S5: Your Life Will Be More Powerful!

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Abstract: On 2015 Airwheel New Product Release Conference, the release of Airwheel S5 surprised all the audience. What is the new features attracting people’s attentions? Why S5 wins a lot of applause? Let’s find it out!

To do outdoor activities is the dream of the people living in the cities, but they still haven’t found a suitable transport, which can be ridden on any kinds of roads and lanes. Airwheel S series aims to display personal vale and style, which applies to sightseeing, commuting and travelling. But it can’t satisfy the need of cross-country lovers. S5, which has a 16-inch wheel hub, a more powerful motor and a better battery, serves as your SUV.
2 wheel auto balance scooter Airwheel S5

The most shining part of Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooters is its wheel. Airwheel continues to use the Cheng Shin tyre, which is the top wheel brand in China, but its size is 16 inches. The larger the wheel, the more stable and comfortable the scooter. Also, Airwheel S5’s wheel is wider than others, in order to reduce the bump and makes the riding experience more smoothly. The wheel is more abrasion resistant and easier to radiate heat and drain off water, so A3 improves the control of electric scooter and the riding ability in conquering any terrains.

The biggest breakthrough of Airwheel S5 is its powerful batteries and updated motor. A 680wh battery is installed on S5, which has a longer range and larger capacity. Thus, one can go to somewhere farther, such as 40 or 50 kilometers away, without worrying that the battery is running down and the charging problem. Airwheel S5 two-wheeler scooter has updated its motor to 1500W to reach a larger output and powerful driving force, so the users will never be afraid of the steep slope and steers any more.

2 wheel airwheel S5
Users need a compact and portable scooter, for they sometimes have to take Airwheel intelligent scooter on bus or subway. S5, though more powerful, is light and compact. It foldable aluminum alloy control shaft makes it lighter, harder, more durable and stylish, compared to other models of Airwheel. Therefore, Airwheel S5 needs smaller space and weights less.

The advantages and promising future of Airwheel S5 electric scooters stick out a mile. Its strong cross-country ability and battery comfort you in journey and provide countless joy. Let’s choose Airwheel S5.