Only $399 USD in Indiegogo! What exactly is it?

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Abstract: It’s Airwheel M3 maple electric skateboards! The cases that domestic enterprises succeed in crowd-funding in foreign fund raisers. However, Airwheel aims to solve this and break this curse.

In the past, just a few people who acquire the relative skills are able to control the skateboards while now each of you who is interested in surfing can easily control the skateboard, Airwheel M3, especially in the era full of high-tech and intelligence.

Airwheel, the international company, has the willing to upgrade its quality through the feedback and suggestions from its supporters for providing the better products and services to global customers. It only costs $399 USD in Indiegogo started from December 29th, 2015 and will last for 60 days. There are very detailed information at about M3 electric air board, each of you can log in and join this project. Here we mainly introduce its applications and audience.

electric hoverboard

As stated, M3 is relatively easier to learn. That is to say, it is not limited to play at your part time and practice the skill for control. The engineers apply 2.4G wireless remote control to this electric hoverboard which allow riders can experience the infinite variable speeds. Meanwhile the front and rear wheels are both equipped with PU material damper masses to against uneven and bumpy roads. In this case, riders can enjoy the surfing at parks, campus, and roads to shopping or work. Besides, it can be regarded as a fitness tool since it requires riders’ body to shift center of gravity when changing directions despite it can be controlled by the wireless remote control.

For M3 maple electric hoverboard, the young and old, the men and women, fat or thin, tall or short, all are lucky to ride on it. Riders can stand on the deck made of Canadian maple wood instead of kicking to make it glide. Plus the deck can load up to 100kg. Young boys or girls can DIY its deck with stickers freely as their wills. Besides, elder riders do not need to worry about its security because M3 is designed to have two independent modules, double circuits and double main control chips. Even if one of them fails to work, the other will operate normally to ensure riders’ safety.