Man-power + power-assisted riding of Airwheel R5 citizen e bike will be perfect in cold winter

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Abstract: Now it is stepping into November and it gets colder gradually. To fight against the freezing season, we need to choose a powerful transport tool to live through this winter.

In the coming low-temperature environment, how to keep warm for those who love riding or guys who ride electric bikes to commute? There are several points that riders need to know. Knees are the place that rider should pay more attention. Wearing knee cap can effectively protect knees from cold injury; wearing gauze mask and bandelet will make the air we breathe become warm so as to reduce stimulation; timely supplement of water and energy; adequate exercise, here to remind each riders that when you are riding Airwheel electric bikes, you will also need to do some exercise.


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This mode is the most popular and common one among riders. Equipped with sensor technology, it can sense the magnitude of force produced by foot and output adequate force to assist riding. In this way, people can pedal R5 in case of being cold.

Good road traffic ability is of great importance. For R5 electric assist bike, it has the special treatment, 16-inch wheels, special tyre tread and suitable tyre pressure. As a result, whether it is bumpy roads, uneven roads or snowy roads, R5 can let riders enjoy the steady and safe riding experience.


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More importantly, this practical vehicle is also collapsible. Similar to Airwheel E series, R5 folding electric bike's handrails, control lever and main frame can be folded and it only sizes 710mm×380mm×700mm. On the one hand, it can be easily taken into buses, underground or car trunk. On the other hand, it can be parked in a small space.

Following the above tips, you will be on your way of riding.