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Abstract: The first product from Airwheel rising up on crowd-funding site Indiegogo is the electric air board M3 designed as the surfboard on the land. It’s not only a toy, but also a transporter because it’s powered by batteries.

A few days ago Airwheel has attend a campaign on Indiegogo centered on M3 electric skateboard. This campaign will last two months since the day to start this project. And its goal is $50,000 with unit price $399.00 for each one. Crowd-funding campaigns can be a gamble, but the technology behind the M3 all seems reasonable, especially at the price.

This board created by Airwheel is distinctive from other skateboard released lately. The first one is that it supports rider to DIY in several parts including the deck, decals attached on the deck, tires rolling on the pavements, and batteries hidden on the board. Although the process of making these modifications is filled with fun, the precondition to do that requires manipulative ability except the basic one replacing the decals to reflect individualism. On the contrary, it’s a sort of boon for those good at using screwdriver and holing machine. If the user is capable with dismounting and connecting cables on the battery pack, he can enjoy a longer range by changing an extra battery pack.

Second point M3 is paired with a remote control most skateboards don’t have. This remote with a strong sensing performance can reach up to 10 meters. There are three main buttons on the remote control in charge of speed, direction, and power respectively. Slide the button forward, and M3 motorized skateboard will speed up; slide the button toward backward, and it will slow down. It’s amazing to enjoy the variable speeds on the streets. With a remote control in rider’s hand, riding M3 gets more effortless. Enjoying the freedom and relaxation just rides M3.

On this site http://igg.me/at/airwheel there is more detail information about M3. For its batteries are imported from Japan, it is boasting strong drive power with a top speed 20 kilometers per hour. Plus it’s equipped with the remote control. Thus, we claim that hoverboard M3 can enjoy a feeling to surf on the land. Share this news with more friends since the reward is prepared.