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Airwheel has been the leader in intelligent electric scooters industry for years and during the past years, it has gone through dramatic changes. Being keen on the market, Airwheel regards several intelligent products as the target to expand the market. Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike is one of the cases.

In the first half year of 2016, Airwheel rolled out several new intelligent equipment. Firstly S8 and S9 , Z5 and C5 are showcased in world exhibitions and next were the E series, E6 and E3. As one of the new comers, Airwheel E3 is expected to make people’s commuting life more convenient and comfortable.

Undoubtedly, traditional electric vehicles has a large body so it is convenient to move. When parked in outdoors, it is a risk of stolen accumulator. Afterwards, electric scooters driven by lithium electricity become popular at a period among urban white-collar workers. Unfortunately, people have to stand to ride. Most of people may doubt it will be perfect when they have a portable vehicle that can be driven by sitting on it. Airwheel seizes this mental state timely and emboldens to make changes on the appearance of traditional bikes. E3 electric scooters price is the result that is combined by folding performance and electricity drive.

folding e bike
folding e bike

Backpack e bikes still are new to us. All this seem to Airwheel is that transforming the conception into reality is not as hard as it imagine, even though it bears the day and night’s hard work on it. The secret that E3 backpack electric bicycle can be kept into a backpack lies in the folding system. The shape shows an “OO”. When users do not need to ride, they can fold tires into the two circles and then make them close them. Except the main frame, other parts like handrail, pedals and saddles can be also folded.

Absolutely you will be shocked for this folding e bike that can be loaded into a backpack. But the basic riding functions still are there. For example, the hub motor can provide strong power; EBS braking system performs excellent in calculating and outputting the most optional power solution; the accelerator has vector to ensure the stable operating of the vehicle.

Wherever you want to visit, who sells electric scooters Airwheel E3 can show you around.

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