Is That True? Riders Are “Fatter” on Airwheel S6 Two-wheeled Electric Scooters?

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  • Is That True? Riders Are “Fatter” on Airwheel S6 Two-wheeled Electric Scooters?

Abstract: Airwheel has always been being announcing that the consumers’ experiences are the core issues they must take into consider. But why do some riders feel like being “fatter” on its Airwheel S6 two-wheeled electric scooters?

Generally speaking, a product can offer consumers the experiences which are related to the basic features the product has. For instance, smart phones offer consumers the mobile entertainment and communication; refrigerators help people reserve their foods and fruits. So what vehicles offer to people are the convenience and comfort in city travels. But now, Airwheel S6 electric hoverboard surprisingly make people feel like being “fatter” while riding them. Why?

Airwheel S6 intelligent scooters are one of the newest model in Airwheel family. This time Airwheel abandoned the control shaft and left the control of the vehicles thoroughly to people’s gravity center. And exactly because of the abandonment of the control shaft, Airwheel was able to reduce the body size greatly. So when some consumers saw Airwheel S6 electric scooters for the first time, they generally thought that Airwheel found a new excuse to “reduce” the amount of goods people can get (LOL). And also the first sight of Airwheel S6 may make people feel that how such a small vehicle body could bear such a heavy or “fat” body of people. Indeed, the reduction of the materials in S6 electric scooters doesn’t mean the reduction of the experiences riders get from S6. S6 are as stable and powerful as all the previous products in Airwheel family. Besides the customary stability and performances, Airwheel S6 are the Airwheel products with the aesthetic designs which make them totally different from previous models. The white and streamlined designs of the body of Airwheel S6 electric scooters are the most attracting points which may remind people of the Wall-E and BB-8. Tiny and cute looks with great performances in Airwheel S6 will make them the favorite companions and toys for people with special needs like photographing of moving object or hands unavailable for other affairs like balancing plates.

It’s not the S6 s6 mini electric scooter which make people feel like being “fatter”, but the development of the intelligent technologies that make people experience the convenience and comfort. So people will loving meeting more products which make them “fatter”.