How to Get Yourself a Fitting Electric Unicycle


Nowadays, traffic congestions leave us exhausted in commute. We are used to spend so many time and money daily on the way with little return. With the increasing oil price, driving or taxi is no longer cost-effective and bicycle or electric scooter can be stolen when parked. Is there an ultimate solution for all these concerns? Go get yourself an electric unicycle.

Designed to be eco-friendly and cost-effective, electric unicycle plays a powerful role in short trips. We are familiar with the scenario that we sometimes have to give up some scenic spots due to the massiveness of a zoo or a garden. Imagine hanging around on an electric unicycle, it’ll be a different story. Although many have heard of electric unicycles, most of them are just taking a wait-and-see approach. But if you’re an urban commuter tired of traffic, you really should get yourself one.However the real decisive factor is the configuration and material, and you may find the following suggestions useful to help your decision.

First and foremost factor: the battery. As most electric unicycles are powered by either lithium or hydrogen battery, only the quality and certified manufacturers equip their products with Li-ion batteries. Take the latest Airwheel Q5 as an example, it is powered by Sony 18650 Li-ion battery which powers other Airwheel products as well. In addition, the 170Wh Li-ion battery used on Q5 delivers longer battery range and life expectancy owing to higher electric thermal peak and discharge capacity. To a large extend, the supplier of the battery decides the safety of an electric unicycle.

Second, the performance. The comprehensive performance of an electric unicycle is not depended simply on the speed or range. Non-limited speed rises safety concerns. Compared with Ninebot or Solowheel which set their top speed at 20km/h, Airwheel sets lower speed limitation of 18km/h with the speeding protection activating at 12km/h and front end of pedal rising to pose a 10°to ground to prevent further acceleration. Safety goes first.

Last but not the least, the material and craft. For starters, small collisions are inevitable, which renders the strength of the casing as a key factor for better duration and low maintenance. The casing of Airwheel products is built with Hi-tech PC, which features superior strength against impact, flame-retardant, anti-abrasion and anti-oxidation. The aviation aluminum pedal is light, solid and ultra-widened for fit and comfortable riding experience.

After viewing all the 3 must-read factors, you’re free to get yourself one with preferred look. What is my favorite? Airwheel Q5 for sure! With its fresh color and cute oval look, I’m ready for 100% second glance rate!