How to Avoid Falling Down When Riding Airwheel M3 Complete Electric Skateboards?

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Abstract: Maybe no riders of electric unicycle can be confident that they never fall down when riding the unicycle. Most green hand falls down, in some cases riders can get hurt, in some cases, several accidents may occur. To avoid such situation, an experienced rider writes the article for other riders to protect themselves.

As a green hand of Airwheel M3, Jane is a good learner which acquire the skills of riding quickly. She did better that her friends, so she is too confident of her skills and balancing ability. Jane rides the electric skateboards often in a fast speed. When she feels Airwheel M3 is a little out of control, she still speeds up. Suddenly, Jane falls down. The over speed is the first reason for sudden falling down. Remember never ride Airwheel M3 intelligent motorized skateboards too fast which is dangerous with injuries.

After the sudden falling down, Jane began to wear helmet, knee pad and cuff to protect her body. Perhaps wearing helmet, knee pad and cuff looks stupid, and Jane’s friend made a joke with her that this does not look cool and smart, Jane still insists on this. For Jane, wearing helmet, cuff and knee pad when riding the motorized skateboards makes Jane feel safety. Wear these protecting equipment, the green hands must follow this tip.

Some new users may wonder what they should do when coming across the obstacles. Just jump out of the skateboards to elude the obstacle rather than slowing down. Since Airwheel M3 is controlled through the remote control, if the green hand tries to turn around forcibly, he may get hurt. Do not worry about the one wheel scooter, for Jane, her Airwheel M3 is strong and is never broken.

When riding Airwheel M3 self-balancing scooters, Jane is always concentrated, especially when crossing the crossroads since the crossroads are often dangerous and full of cars. Jane also tries to avoid looking around which will ignore the vehicles around. Jane is always careful when riding the electric skateboards which is the basic and fundamental characteristic the riders should have. By sharing those tips, Jane hopes everyone can ride Airwheel products safely and enjoy the travel.