Give your tired feet a rest and enjoy the trip fully-Airwheel SE3mini smart suitcase

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Abstract: Airwheel SE3mini is a travel partner that can be used for riding. It relies on the drive motor and retractable riding lever equipped inside the suitcase to realize the “riding” function. The traveller can pull out the riding lever at any time and ride it at a speed of 6km/h. In this way, not only the problem of excessive luggage dragging is solved, but also the problem of being exhausted in places where there is no suitable means of transportation such as airports and stations.

To make the suitcase a qualified means of transportation, the strength of the suitcase is extremely important. The case of Airwheel SE3mini is made of ABS+PC, which has sufficient strength and toughness, and is resistant to scratches and discoloration after long-term use. What’s more, the shell is reinforced with a one-piece frame made of series high-grade aluminum alloy, and is designed with high-strength riveting joints. While ensuring strong support, it also ensures a better fit and stability between the shells, not deformed, with heavy reinforcement. The load capacity of Airwheel SE3mini carry-on electirc suitcase can reach 100kg.

At the moment, airlines have made relevant specifications for equipment with built-in lithium batteries for safety reasons, and Airwheel SE3mini rideable luggage achieves worry-free traffic through detailed design. Its lithium battery adopts a modular design and the side cover can be opened, and the battery storage bag can be directly taken out and disconnected from the suitcase. The operation is simple and only takes about few seconds to complete, and the capacity is consistent with the relevant carrying Standards, able to pass the security check smoothly.

In terms of storage, the large storage space is also planned with reasonable functional partitions, and an inner box cover is designed. Users can put the items that need to be taken during the journey on the outside, and the rest inside, you can keep your privacy while facilitating access when you need it, and you don’t have to worry about your luggage being scattered.

When going out, the phone is out of power is a trouble we often encounter. The outer side of the Airwheel SE3mini smart scooter suitcase is also designed with two sets of USB charging ports, which can charge multiple sets of electronic devices at any time to solve battery anxiety and avoid trouble.