Faulty Hoverboards Place the Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Industry in Dilemma

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  • Faulty Hoverboards Place the Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter Industry in Dilemma

Abstract: Hoverboards, also know as electric skateboard have caused fire accidents in some countries. The industry has suffered a lot from the crisis. The market leader, like Segway and Airwheel, should cooperate with governments to get though the difficult times.

Christmas shopping spree is still in full swing. However, the sad news come out that Amazon has removed the hoverboards from sale on its website, due to the fire accidents recently caused by some faulty knock-offs. Hoverboard is a member of the intelligent self-balancing scooters.

electric hoverboard

As an emerging industry which enjoys sound momentum these years, this is a catastrophe. The once good reputation might be ruined by some unscrupulous manufactures. What is the root cause for this crisis? It’s the low quality. In the ten years of development, hundreds of intelligent self-balancing scooter producers have popped up, exclusive of these unbranded ones. However, there are no uniform standards and industry norms for the new types of vehicles. The established companies invest heavily in technological innovation to bring the best and qualified products to customers. Nonetheless, some small companies are obsessed with making money instead of controlling quality. They cut the costs by cheating on workmanship and materials. They choose cheap fuses, cables, and chargers which are defective. They earn money by dishonest means while consumers and the whole industry take the consequences and suffer from it.

In many countries some laws havebanned the vehicle from running on pavements or roads, instead of introducing laws and regulations to guide it. Electric self-balancing scooters have been popular for its efficiency in daily commuting and low-carbon features in environmental preservation. There are some reputed brands in the industry, like Segway, solowheel and Airwheel. Segway might be the most well-known product in the market. However, it is also known as expensive toy for rich people. In comparison, brands like Airwheel electric air board are much affordable and approachable for the general public. Segway has fallen far behind in new product release. The foreground of the company is not so bright. However, Airwheel, the up-rising star, is seizing the market with product diversification and high cost performance.

The market leader, including Segway and Airwheel should take the responsibility to lead the industry on track and dismiss the misgivings of consumers over the quality of intelligent self-balancing scooters.