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Abstract: Dior for the Mum, Oreo for the children, and what for the Dad?

In a family, there are many toys for different family members. Dior may be the favourite products for Mum; Oreo attracts children the most; but what are the toys for Dad? It’s Airwheel intelligent scooters—the advanced and intelligent devices which satisfy the tastes of dads in all families and can be the toys for all family members.

Why are Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter so attracting and helpful? It’s because of the intelligent technologies and the revolutionary design ideas in the products.

The intelligent self-balancing scooters are the symbols of human beings’ making use of the intelligent technologies to make the city life more intelligent and convenient, especially the city transport. With the achievements in intelligent technologies, Airwheel developed the sophisticated operating system for all Airwheel scooters to enable riders to easily control the vehicles by just moving the body gravity centre to the directions they want, and also free the hands because the control skills of Airwheel intelligent scooters are no more about the steering wheels. Besides the innovative control styles, Airwheel also overturned people opinions about the power system of transport vehicles.

Airwheel Q3

Airwheel has done the same things as Tesla—to introduce the electricity system into the vehicle industry. Electricity is the clearest and more efficient energy than fossil fuels. So the electricity powered intelligent scooters, also named as electric self-balancing scooter, are noise-free and more energy-saving because less energy is wasted while the motors are working. The advanced technologies make Airwheel the more advanced vehicles than traditional ones.
Airwheel S3
Besides the inborn advantages, Airwheel also tries to make perfect products in every details. For instance, the standing pedals of Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled scooters are shaped to round ones to prevent riders’ ankles from being scratched. The seats on Airwheel A3 sitting-posture intelligent scooter are made of genuine leather with ergonomic designs; the hydraulic suspension system under the seat enable the seat to suit to all sitting-postures of riders. Many other details have shown consumers how Airwheel values the benefits of consumers.

Dior for the Mums, Oreo for the children, and Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters for the Dads!