Comparison of Airwheel double-wheels electric scooters: S6 or S8

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Which one is better, S6 electric walkcar or S8? Recently, Airwheel has introduced a new member of its S-series–S8, putting the consumers into a dilemma. Faced with these two electric scooters with similarly excellent features, they are a bit confused. Here is a result of comparison of the two models to serve as their reference.

Many people like the two wheel self-balancing electric scooter S-series by Airwheel. There used to be only two models of this series–S3 and S3T so consumers can still make a choice based on their preference of color. However, new members of the S-series–S5, S6, S8 and S9 double-wheels electric scooters were launched on the Airwheel product release conference in succession. Out of sudden, consumers fall into a dilemma. Which one should they choose, S6 or S8?

airwheel s8

To choose S6 or S8, that is a question. This article is going to give the consumers some insights on this question by comparing the features of these two vehicles. Generally speaking, there are a lot in common among the models of the same series. In terms of S6 or S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter, they both inherit the good quality of Airwheel products by adopting lithium-ion batteries, concealed adjustable operating rod and high-tech materials. More importantly, S6 and S8 can be ridden via two ways, either standing or sitting. You can stand or sit to ride which is suitable for a wider range of application scenarios.

Nevertheless, each model has its own merits. As to S6 mini self-balancing scooter, elegant appearance cannot hide the strong and clever “core”. The 8inch wheel and the unique design of exposed tyres make it have better adaptability. Light weight and mini structure, it can be easily conquered even by a small girl.

And S8 two wheel electric scooters for sale, as a new product of the series, it does much better in performance. The two 10 inch wheels enable S8 to adapt to more road conditions, with brilliant traffic ability. In order to have a better control experience in standing posture, and to have better load capacity, the seat’s operating rod is designed in C shape.

Whether it is S6 or S8, consumers should choose the one more suitable for themselves.