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What the Airwheel offers to the consumers is not only the perfect service but also the various choices. In addition to electric unicycles, there are S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter, Z series (2-wheeled electric scooter) and M series (electric skateboards) etc. in Airwheel.

As a leading company in the electric self-balancing scooter industry, Airwheel is famous for its high quality, safety and energy saving and reasonable price. The Airwheel led the self-balancing electric scooter for many years with its product sales well both at home and outside the country. All these prove that Airwheel is reliable and best choice.

The High-tech Nano materials epoxy package, and ultra-quiet levitation machine. Every kind of material is well selected. Only the best quality scooter can make Airwheel such famous and win positive public praises. Airwheel intelligent scooter electric can not only ensure the anterior-posterior self-balancing but also provide the reliable speed limiting protection which can make sure their riding speed can be limited to the safest range to ensure the rider’s safety.

Airwheel intelligent electric scooter

Since the distribution channel has been developed, there are many inferior brands try to take a share of the spoils. Though the Airwheel has been officially registered for the trade mark, there are many fake brands, which name their products similarly. In spite of these problems, the Airwheel would stick to its original concept of products and service. Airwheel keeps on innovation and upgrading the design to satisfy more individuals’ requirements.

In Airwheel, there are six different kinds of self-balancing electric scooters, from the one wheel scooter X series, twin-wheeled electric scooter Q series, two wheel electric scooter S series, sitting posture self-balancing scooter A series, and foldable electric scooter Z series to electric skateboard M series and the latest intelligent helmet for road safety and entertainment C5.

where to buy electric scooters The S8 and C5, latest products of Airwheel are worth mentioning. Airwheel S8 sitting-posture electric scooter supports dual-ride mode: either standing or sitting to ride that is suitable for more application scenarios. Also, the Airwheel C5, different from other products in Airwheel has extended its business line. In addition to the protection function, C5 helmet for Extreme sports is endowed with diverse functions, such as music playing, phone answering and video shooting etc.

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