C5 intelligent helmet’s record is either evidence or memory, a sincere product from Airwheel

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C5 intelligent helmets is a functional outfit sincerely prepared by Airwheel Technology this year which could have further application in outdoor activities, real-time monitoring and driving record. Since its appearance, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet has gained a lot of supports and attention from outdoor exercise enthusiasts.

As a scientific and technological enterprise for providing various intelligent transportation solutions, Airwheel has accumulated rich experience in the field of intelligent vehicles. However, it won’t wrap itself up in a cocoon but broadens it horizon to more relevant fields. With the enterprise vision of “intelligence makes life freer”, Airwheel has got achievement in intelligent helmet and then C5 is born.

custom intelligent helmet

Nowadays, more and more motorists are aware of the significance of driving record. If your vehicle is equipped with driving recorder, you can identify the responsibility more clearly. When their heads are easily turned by success, the driving recorder will reveal their original true color. Airwheel C5 smart helmet takes the cruel reality cases into consideration and so a micro camera is placed in the front of the helmet. Having this design, motorists or other riders not only can take photos freely but also can get assured in case of any blackmail behaviors.

C5 color intelligent helmet can show its charm both in outdoor exercise and riding record. In case any trouble or accidents occur, the video will be the powerful and feasible evidence. The 2k high-definition camera and professional sensor facilitates C5 cool street bike helmets to capture the realest pictures in real-time. The 2000mAh battery and intelligent core lay a solid foundation for continuous video taking. Under full power condition, C5 can take videos continuously for about three hours which is of great importance for supporting driving recording.

Sure, using driving records as the critical evidence to surrender bad guys is the last resort when we are dreadfully cornered or damaged. Originally, driving record should be a no-damage revivification of beautiful landscape or life experience. Furthermore, the interconnection between helmet and app specially designed for C5 Bluetooth helmet makes the record fresh and alive. Riders can replay the videos, recycle videos and save storage space as well as upload splendid moments into social network platforms.

Airwheel C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety is such a sincere product that either can provide evidence or keep memories.