Airwheel Will Showcase Funky Electric Scooters in 2016 CES Show

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Abstract: 2016 CES is going to kick off on January 6th 2016 lasting until January 9th in Las Vegas, USA. Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) will locate booth No. 48001&48003 in Hilton Hall with its funky electric scooters.

It’s a big day or a grand ceremony for every electronic exhibitor engaging in 2016CES. On that day, all visitors will experience a world filled with electric devices feeling some new concept of mobility. For leaving a good impression for all visitors and attracting more customers, Airwheel Technology established in 2004 by a group of science technicians constantly trying to change the world will prepare all its masterpieces including classic models full of challenges of reining-one-wheeled electric hoverboard, easy-to-use two-wheeled A3 designed with handlebars and its new arrivals covering funky appearances like F3, M3, S6 and Z3.

F3 is an innovative electric unicycle with an annular design which aims to lessen its bodywork weight. Thanks to the orbit, it reduces rider’s friction in legs when the rider is using. At the top of the vehicle, a handle is hidden inside offering the convenience when the rider doesn’t want to ride. M3 is an ungraded skateboard based on the conventional prototype of skateboard. Now it’s equipped with batteries for providing strong driving force. 4 4.5-inch tires are sturdy with wide tread and damper mass is installed under the front and rear axles which contribute to a good stability on bumpy or rough roads.

electric skateboards

Apart from that, this electric skateboard also has a highlight that is the decal attached on the deck allowing riders DIY. The remote control paired with the board is in charge of speed and direction’s steering. Meanwhile, it renders riders to experience the fun of variable speed. Hurry to test M3. And the patient staff will guide the beginners. S6 self-balancing two-wheeled electric scooter is suitable for any people with different ages. It is installed with an adjustable seat fit riders with various heights.  z3 electric scooter is also a two-wheeled scooter, but with handlebars. This one has a multiple folding system in its bodywork like the telescoping operating arm, folding torsion-spring and foldable pedals.

The wonders in 2016 CES brought by Airwheel funky scooters can be seen after a firsthand experience. Welcome to test them at Airwheel booths.