Airwheel Will Launch a Getaway in Paris with Twin-wheeled Scooters


Whether the knowledge about Paris is from books or movies, it is always the haven of fashion, culture and entertainment. It is also held as the most desirable tourist destination due to the presence of Eiffel tower and several other historic buildings, museums, cathedrals and churches. Apart from that, Paris is also a perfect place for those who love the solace that parks, gardens and cemeteries provide. If you want to have a relaxing trip in Paris, a handy travel tool can be a must-Airwheel Q1.

Standing on the Airwheel Q1, then you can zip around the historic architecture. It’s a sort of feast for eyes as well as mood. A small gadget is rather fresh and cute as the angel of spring in the dawn, which will bring you to enjoy the romantic travel in Paris. This electric scooter adopts a perfect color matching, blue with a tone of white, like the subtle flow of cloud that makes the sky seem even more vast, azure and immense.

Airwheel Q1 two wheel scooter

The fresh appearance of twin-wheeled electric scooter must keep you have a good mood when you visit Eiffel tower and other historic buildings. Oh, almost miss the part of how to ride it. It’s easy, not difficult. Turn on the power button, and put one foot on the pedal. You put the other foot on when you gradually feel you’ve got balance since it is based on gyros theory and aviation attitude system. In light of the leaning protection system, you don’t get hurt when it falls over. Plus Q1 with one 12.5-inch tire is mini enough to allow you to visit each spot by rolling.

The wonderful street is Avenue des Champs-Elysees. With Q1 self-balancing scooter to travel in Paris, you will not feel tired. Actually that is a pedestrian street suitable for you with a scooter. Either side of the street, tall yet straight trees wear dazzling decorations, which makes you indulge in the happiness.