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Recently, as lifestyle and urban traffic environment change, electric scooters are increasingly popular. Meanwhile, new products release by Airwheel even contribute to more possibilities of the scooter market in the future—foldable e bike.

Airwheel unveils new products E6 folding e bike and E3 backpack electric bike, impressing the scooter market. Airwheel values performance and cost effectiveness much. The newly released E6 and E3 foldable electric bikes inherit this “excellent tradition”, but also make some radical improvements.

The new E-series foldable electric bike provides users with more comfortable and safer riding experience. The advent of electric bike gives a new definition to urban green means of transport and may become a part of main urban transportation by overturning the “five kilometers” limit for the intelligent scooter market. Coupled with car-level Li-ion battery set, Airwheel foldable electric bike is light and delicate, ingenious combination of utility and beauty. External modular battery design enables riders to change the battery, to upgrade range and to maintain the battery easily. Plus, the humanized design of the USB port makes everything possible. You can charge your devices any time, such as USB night light, USB fan, smart phone and other daily electronics. More usages are waiting for you to discover.

intelligent e bike

Based on a large amount of riding data analysis, the saddle of Airwheel intelligent e bike is in left-right design with balanced force and good ventilation. Whatever your body shape is, it guarantees balanced force on hips so as to bring a more comfortable riding experience. also, 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system to the 8inch wheels, offers more powerful and stable force.

Riders can download APP and connect it to the phone. Then, they can monitor the real-time state of scooter. Many functions, such as speed-setting, fault diagnosis and position can be controlled though such an APP. More importantly, the intelligent e bike can be calibrated precisely by updating the APP. According to Airwheel’s strategic planning, release of e bikes represents that Airwheel starts to explore a new business mode for development of the scooter market and create an ecosphere for scooter application.

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