Airwheel two-wheeled scooter A3 is the sitting-posture operating mode

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Abstract: Intelligent self-balancing scooter A3 is a masterpiece of Airwheel Technology which demonstrates its R&D philosophy and distinctive brand culture. Taking into consideration the practical problems which might occur during riding, Airwheel Technology refines each detail to make it safe and durable.

At the mention of intelligent self-balancing scooters, people would think of the established brand Airwheel. In its 2015 summer release, Airwheel Technology has shown the world its distinctive brand culture and futuristic R&D philosophy by launching a unique product A3. The product which adopts a new riding mode has stirred the market and impressed many customers. How different is A3 and how could it endure the test of time?
Airwheel A3

The greatest hallmark of Airwheel two-wheeled scooter A3 is the sitting-posture operating mode. It is controlled by hand, hip, and feet jointly, instead of centering the weight on legs. The saddle equipped ensures more comfortable riding experience. A3 is also designed to enable women riders to touch the ground with feet when stop the vehicle. This new operating method will ease long-distance riding fatigue. A3 transforms intelligent self-balancing vehicles from short-distance commuting vehicles to genuine methods of transportation for the general public.

As A3 makes sit to ride possible, many details have to be adjusted. Firstly, for Airwheel electric unicycles, riders need to stop the vehicle by leaning backward. But for A3, it is difficult to brake by body movement, as riders sit on the vehicle. This problem is perfectly solved by an electronic braking system. When riders press the electronic braking button, A3 will respond in 0.5 second. It will be stopped within 50 cm. Therefore, the safety performance of A3 is greatly enhanced.
Airwheel A3

Though Airwheel A3 scooter electric is larger than ordinary electric unicycles, it could still move around agilely in small space. A3 could easily make a 360° turn at original point. The best user experience is exemplified in the intelligent APP. Users could connect the APP wirelessly to A3, to monitor the riding speed, dump energy, riding time, and other real-time data. Apart from the data display, users could also make adjustment to the riding speed according to their own likings, detecting and analyzing the faults. The practical functions and detailed design will definitely make A3 a safe and durable product.