Airwheel Standing Electric Self-balancing Scooter-New Assistance for Designated Drivers

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Abstract: Designated driving has witnessed an enjoyable increase during these years and a great number of people are willing to call a designated driver after drinking with friends.  This emerging occupation requires lots of new workers who will in turn require certain assistance tool and the electric self-balancing unicycle shows itself gradually.

Drunk driving is a hot topic in many countries with more and more horrible accidents. In 2009, there is disastrous drunk driving accident in Nanjing, causing 5 people died including a pregnant lady. Drinking with friends should be happy however some people still drive after, though it offends the law. If an accident happened, nothing could remedy for that. As a result, designated driver is a necessary. Recently, some designated drivers carry a unique tool with them which is called electric self-balancing unicycle.
self-balancing scooter with seat

With this competent assistance, the designated driver is able to excel others. First of all, he could respond much faster than his counterparts which will correspondingly enhance the user experience. Sometimes, a customer will wait even half an hour after calling one designated driver, and when the driver arrives, it is quite possible for the customer to lose temper and such case is pretty common in real life.

Moreover, riding an self balancing electric unicycle is convenient for those designated drivers after finishing the job especially when the customer lives in the remote areas where public transportation is rare. Even though the customer lives in downtown, the bus or subway may be closed down in the midnight. For most designated drivers who work after the midnight or in the remote areas, they have to walk home.
electric scooter for adults

Nowadays, an Airwheel electric intelligent scooter will change this situation. Once receiving the phone call, he could ride an Airwheel X-series to the spot and put his scooter easily besides him due to the small size of X-series.

After the job, he can ride it back home or to the subway station conveniently which helps to save much energy and time. For designated drivers, an Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is their best assistance and worthy partner.