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Abstract: There are many Christmas Markets around the world to welcome the upcoming Christmas. Those markets are attractive since many interesting products will be sold, and visitors can feel the atmosphere deeply. With Airwheel S6 hoverboard, users can visit any Christmas markets energetically.

Christmas market is the tradition in some cities with long history. In the markets, many interesting gadgets are sold to attract customers. People and visitors prefer to go shopping there to feel the atmosphere of Christmas and buy some products with good quality and lower price. Airwheel S6 can take them around the market. With this saddle-equipped electric scooter, people can travel around the market quickly and safely.

Since many Christmas markets are crowded with many people and lots of booths, the lanes may be extremely narrow. Airwheel S6 takes up less than 0.25 meter squares, so it can travel through crowds easily. The diameter of its tyre is only 20cm, which is also stable. Though the tyre is of smaller size, the motor of Airwheel S6 is powerful since the CPU of mini self-balancing electric scooter has been upgraded with fast speed.

The equipment of saddle is a revolution in electric scooter industry. Riders can sit on Airwheel S6 to look around and take photos rather than trying to balance themselves. This design is particularly suitable for visitors since they may be easy to worn out in the process of visiting Christmas market. The height of the saddle can also be adjusted to cater for customers with different heights.

S6 scooter

The magnalium frame is strong and light at the same time, and it can stand the weight of an adult as well as the goods they buying. The pedals with the function of anti-knock will make the riding more comfortable since the Christmas markets have some narrow lanes made of cobbles. Visitors can stand on the mini electric scooter comfortably without any burden.

Airwheel S6 s6 mini electric scooter can also be connected with APP on the cell phone, and users just need to press on the cell phone to knock the electric scooter. Besides, the traveling miles, the electric quantity can also be monitored. With the APP, riders can get known of the scooter in detail to prevent potential dangers. Airwheel S6 is the best match of Christmas market.