Airwheel Q5 Now Available in Azure Blue / Lime Green


It’s been half a month since the launch of Q5 on Airwheel official website . The latest Airwheel Q5 has caused a sensation among unicycle fans in less than a week.

Firstly, Airwheel Q5 makes a difference from the previous models in its concise exterior design highlighted by Azure Blue / Lime Green cushion pads. Its configuration is in consistence with the previous Q-series.

Among Q5’s 10 major competence, we can tell its unique configuration is a. fresh-colored silica gel cushion pads, which protect rider’s legs against friction, b. improved round pedal with ultra-widened surface and smooth curves around the edge against scrapes, c. LED atmosphere lights to secure your ride at night and win you second glances . In addition, the stand bracket included in optional accessories facilitates daily parking. Moreover Airwheel Q5 is equipped with original Sony Li-ion battery, intelligent chip, Mag-Lev motor, quadruple safety protection…ect. as standard configurations.

As the latest flagship eco-friendly product, Airwheel is dedicated on the energy consumption of Q5, which is claimed to be zero-emissions and 1°power consumption per 100km. Nowadays with the prevailing “Go Green” campaign, electric unicycle is born as a handy eco-friendly transporter designed for everyone’s everyday commute. To get more info and specs about Airwheel Q5, please visit