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Abstract: In the near future, the transformer can really happen around people. Not in that horrible way, but in more helpful way.

In the movie the transformers, there are various kinds of transformers came to the earth. Everything in people’s life can turn into the transformers. The recorder, automobile, even microwave oven are all able to become the transformers. They can just turn into a lively robot from tiny little things. However, not every robot are so well managed. Some of the transformers are just the destroyers while others are savers.

They fight for protecting the planet from being destroyed. Seeing that movie, lots of people are thinking about if they would have some helpful robot around them, they would make more contribution to the society. Actually people do have some little transformer around them now. Maybe they cannot find them, but why not check the Airwheel electric scooter? The most magical little transformer.

Just like the energy source to the transformer, the battery is the power core of a scooter. Airwheel self-balancing scooter adopted the most advanced SONY battery that imported with original package. What is more, the battery is also specialized type for Tesla mobile. Such high quality battery should be protected carefully. Therefore, the designer adopted more than six types of the protection for the scooter. The discharge protection can help the scooter avoid being over discharged while the overcharge protection can make sure the battery would not be over charged. Both these two kinds of protection can make sure SONY battery get a longer service life. While in the riding, if there happens system default or mechanical problems, the internal short-cut protection can make sure short-cut would not affect the meltdown of mainboard and battery. The battery can be hot in the operation, how to avoid being too hot to harm the rider or the system.

Not only battery can get such meticulously protection, the rider can be protected too. Everyone can enjoy the feeling of faster speed. But riders do believe that safety comes first. In order to protect our rider, if the speed is faster than 12km/h, the standing board would lifted slowly to warm the rider of the potential danger. If the speed is over 16km, the slope of standing board would makes the rider hard to speed up more. In this way, the electric self-balancing scooter can make sure the rider get safe riding.