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Abstract: Airwheel M3 has debuted in Indiegogo on December 29th, 2015. This skateboard is developed based on the conventional prototype. The aim of this campaign is to advocate low-carbon concept and handy life as well as get more skateboarders’ support in order to realize that dream.

This campaign is organized by Airwheel established by a group of pioneers who are taking constant adventure to reshape the world with edged technology in 2004. Airwheel M3 debuting in Indiegogo is not only for catching more attention, but also a boon for those people wanting to try an intelligent electric air board. Since the price on this platform is only $399.00, please check the link for reference. M3 enjoys a few features most people don’t hear about it before.

M3’s deck selected from maple wood with strong flexibility can be changed according to user’s need for the board is fixed by 10 screws on the locating holes. If the user is able to drill holes matching well with the locating points, it’s pleasing to try different decks. If this is a little challenging for some users, they can also enjoy fun of DIY. Decals or picture drawn by users are feasible on the deck. The four wheels are much bigger with wide tread than the traditional ones. If user is good at operating mechanical stuffs, he can change the worn tires into new ones. Actually the fun to modify this skateboard is very interesting, and it brings users a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

One distinctive trait must be manifested that magnetic levitation motor is installed inside the electric device. Thus, it can boast strong driving power based on its power source—Sony batteries. Since the battery is crucial in the hoverboard, M3’s batteries are equipped with double battery protection boards. Under the deck, shock absorption is designed with PU material damper mass on front and rear wheels. It can respond effectively to the bump road, so as to make glide safer and smoother. High strength axis body is embedded 40Cr axis body in aluminium alloy. By the way, it’s paired with a remote control controlling speed and directions.

M3 cannot be a great leap in the electric skateboard, but it’s a sort of progress helping the maker and others realizing the dream of skateboarding. Here, it needs more backers, and hurry to follow it.