Airwheel M3, an electric skateboard that makes people fondle admiringly will be shown on CeBIT 2016

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  • Airwheel M3, an electric skateboard that makes people fondle admiringly will be shown on CeBIT 2016

Abstract: Several days later, Hannover, Germany will usher a grand IT feast, CeBIT. Visitors can make a well use of this opportunity to experience the high-end products from all over the world.

CeBIT is the largest exhibition of information and communication engineering in the world. It attracts enterprises to showcase their new products and innovations. M3, as the new launched electric skateboard, will be shown on CeBIT 2016 brought by Airwheel Technology.

In this year’s CeBIT, Airwheel will bring most of its products, such as the saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter S6, the SUV scooter S5, the two-wheeled electric scooter Z3 and the electric unicycle X8 etc. This article mainly introduces the electric hoverboard M3.

The prominent point of M3 wireless remote control skateboard is that it is much easier to learn than traditional skateboards. With the 2.4G handhold wireless remote control, riders can control the infinitely variable speeds and the directions. The operating principle is that the control chip, installed in the internal part of skateboard, collects data throughout the vehicle, and transmits to the phone wirelessly. While the visualization data through instant analysis computation, can be feed backed to the user by mobile phone APP in real-time.

airwheel in cebit

Adopting the customized tires, M3 electric air board has the features of skid proof, strong grip effect which is suitable for different road conditions. At the same time, the front and rear wheels are equipped with PU material damper mass so as to provide a more smoothly and safer riding for users. Plus it has double main control chip which can work independently. Even if one of them doesn’t work, the other one can work normally.

The deck of M3 electric skateboards is made of Canadian maple with stable performance and the feature of non-deformation. It is the most original craft to make the most exquisite handcraft. Apart from the customization or the ready-made, the deck of M3 can also be DIY with the decals attached. It is absolutely the unique way to show the personality.

The exquisite electric skateboard M3 will definitely make you fondle admiringly. To look it closely, you can visit Airwheel booth in Hall17-H06 from 14th March to 18th March.