Airwheel latest products gear up MedPi 2016


Abstract: MedPi 2016 is the annual market place for new digital technologies and their distribution channels and SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Airwheel latest products, such as Z5, C5 and S9 gear up MedPi 2016 with its booth NO.: Hall DIAGHILEV-N09.

MedPi 2016 will be held in Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Monaco on May 17th-20th, which is an annual market place for new digital technologies and their distribution channels, and SOHO. Airwheel is seen as prominent in the world-level market for electric self-balancing scooter and thereby there is no reason for it to pass up this opportunity, especially when Airwheel released its new products in March.




These new arrivals will make their debut in France in addition to the classic Airwheel X series, self-developed Airwheel Q series, luxurious Airwheel A series and sporty Airwheel M series. Airwheel C3 and C5, as the first auxiliary device create a new image of Airwheel. Intelligent helmet C5 is specially designed for you to keep you safe and to record the wonderful moments with high-resolution.

Airwheel Z5 and S8 double-wheels electric scooters come as blessings to office workers. Airwheel Z5 is proud of its light item weight and triple folding system. S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter is noted for the dual-ride-mode, either standing or sitting to control it. Combined with the specially designed 10 inch wheels, S8 is capable of conquering more road conditions.


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Amongst the new products, Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot is tipped for success with the adoption of internal laser radar, auditory collecting system, comprehensive locating system and route planning system etc. With future's promotion of plugins and software, S9 will enable more usage scenarios to serve people's life. Intelligence endows life with more possibilities.

These new arrivals are worth noting, and please find them at booth: Hall DIAGHILEV-N09.