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Airwheel has built its fortune on the smart transportation vehicles. But in a sign of broader ambitions, it has unveiled some gadgets very different from its previous products this year. They are getting smarter and more portable.

Airwheel, an established company, has been specialized in the innovation of smart transportation vehicles. As a transportation solution provider, Airwheel has manufactured many classic electric scooter. But, it is never content to keep doing the same thing. This summer, three new members are added to the family, which is worth mentioning.

The transportation industry is embracing a new category, electric bikes. Airwheel e bike E3 and E6 may reinvent people’s perception over electric devices. Traditional electromobiles leave people the impression of a clumsy stature with heavy batteries. But E3 and E6 intelligent e bike are designed to be extremely foldable and portable. This is firstly attributed to the patented shape design and light-weighted battery. The branded Li-ion battery of folding e bike E3, weighing 1.4kg can yield sufficient and powerful energy to propel the vehicle running as fast as 20km/h. E3 can be even folded into a minimized size of 474*399*374mm, and thus it can be stored in a backpack. E6 has a multi-folding system. There is a customized app for the two vehicles, which provides functions like real-time positioning, riding data checking and alarm system.

intelligent helmet C5

Another smart gadget which is innovative is the intelligent helmet C5. In this intelligent era, each new product, which intends to survive in the competitive world, should possess intelligent contents. Traditional helmets, no longer meet the increasing needs of X-sports users. Now, Airwheel C5, integrated with camera lens allows X-sports users to enjoy safety and record the thrilling moments. Not everyone can experience the adventurous journeys, like rock climbing and sky diving. How can they miss the chance of sharing the cherished moments with family members and friends? With an Airwheel C5 smart helmets, the phones and digital cameras can be spared, while even the two hands are freed. The inserted microphone and speaker also enables users to enjoy music and answer phones.

Airwheel aims to be a leader in industry rather than a follower. These three creative products represent Airwheel’s initiative spirit. Innovation is the key for a successful enterprise.

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