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Abstract: The annual Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics, largest Spring Electronics Fair, came as scheduled. It presented all kinds of electronics products and services. In the exhibition, 3C18 at Hall3 gathered lots of visitors. The exhibitor of this booth is the global leading intelligent vehicle manufacturer, Airwheel Technology.

This year’s Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics (Spring Version) will be held during 11th to 14th April. Now it came as scheduled and is being proceeded with excitement. 3C18 at Hall3 attracted much attention of visitors. The exhibitor of this booth is Airwheel self-balancing air board, the international enterprise of intelligent vehicle.

In recent years, Airwheel continued to release several series of self-balancing electric scooters and upgraded new products to the market and won praises from its users. As a globe leader in the industry of electric scooter, Airwheel devotes itself to design and develop intelligent vehicles which are more fun, smart, efficient and free. With its newest products S9 service robot, S8 saddle-equipped scooter, Z5 electric standing scooter and the smart helmets C3/C5 and the previous products like S6, Z3 and M3 etc., Airwheel yields unusually brilliant results in this fair.

S8 double-wheels electric scooter

S9 intelligent robot can achieves human-computer interaction through the built-in laser radar and auditory acquisition system. Meanwhile it can also realize automatic obstacle avoidance, path planning and other functions by coupling with the GPRS, WiFi and network base stations and other integrated positioning systems. Besides, S9 service robot can extent more usage scenarios in the near future through the prepared expanding interface and the plugin function parts. All in all, it will give more than you think.

Similarly, the new member of S series, S8 double-wheels electric scooter also outshines in the fair. With the brand new C-shape of control lever, 10-inch tyres and the pneumatic tyres, S8 looks more beautiful and becomes more practical. The upgraded version of Z3 electric scooter, Z5 standing up hoverboard, is endowed with new functions. The USB interface designed on the battery of Z5 can connect with the mobile phones, cameras and other intelligent devices to charge in outdoors.

In the fair, Airwheel provides detailed description for each product and hopes more and more people can know intelligent vehicles and then benefit from them.

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