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Abstract: There is currently no technology that can reshape time and space and open 2020 in a whole new way. But at least through the application of smart technology, it can help everyone experience a different mask wearing experience and make breathing more free. Try the Airwheel F3 smart new air mask.

Airwheel F3 electric mask

The core of completely solving the problem of breathing resistance when wearing masks is the aerodynamic system equipped with Airwheel F3 fresh air masks. It relies on booster fans and electrostatic micromotors to actively supply air to the inside of the mask, allowing the wearer to breathe easily without any effort and the acceleration of the air circulation inside the mask also avoids the second inhalation of exhaust gas, so that every breath of air is fresh. Not only that, the fresh air module is also equipped with professional sensors, which can actively monitor the wearer’s movement and static state in the smart mode, feedback to the intelligent center, and automatically adjust the wind speed to ensure that you can breathe comfortably whether you are running, walking or sitting still.


In addition to a comfortable and breathable wearing experience, Airwheel F3 smart sport mask also achieves “re-wearable”. Except for the fresh air module and the replaceable filter, the remaining parts of the mask are made of high temperature resistant and antibacterial materials, which can be thoroughly disinfected by boiling and alcohol to meet the needs of reuse. The cover adopts a modular design and can be disassembled and installed without tools, so disinfection and maintenance are not troublesome.Airwheel F3 fresh air mask


Airwheel has also developed a mobile app for this smart mask, which can actively remind users to replace the filter according to the usage time. You can prepare more filters if you use it frequently. In addition, APP can also be used to query information such as remaining power and usage time, and realize functions such as remote control switches and timer switches, which greatly facilitates daily use.


By combining cutting-edge filter technology with a timelessly modern design, the Airwheel F3 electric mask offers outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air. Try it now: