Airwheel Electric Walkcar S8 Helps Curb the Spike in Childhood Obesity

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Due to the bad eating habits, childhood obesity has dramatically increased worldwide. It is time to give the children an electric scooters S8, which integrates fun riding and fitness function. The vehicle will help the children to control weight.

Sugary beverages and high-calory fried food have flooded the food market. Children, which have poor self-control, are gaining much weight due to eating too much junk food and lacking proper exercise. The prevalence of obesity of teenagers soared in the recent years. It is time for parents to give children an electric walkcar S8 to get them enough exercise. The versatile vehicle will help children control weight in a more enjoyable way.

Airwheel double-wheels electric scooter S8 is deemed as an efficient commuting tools for urban white collars. But the fitness function of S8 can not be overlooked. S8 is equipped with a saddle and standing board, enabling two modes of operation. For daily commuters, they might prefer to sit and operate the vehicle, since it saves energy. But as a fitness equipment, users can stand to control the vehicle. It moves based on the command of the riders’ body movement. There are intelligent electric walkcar systems with multi-points spreading over the saddle and pedals. The vehicle accelerate, decelerate and brake by riders’ leaning forward and backward.

Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter

The vehicle takes some skills to stand to operate. In the hot summer vacation, children would not like walking outside. But Airwheel S8 will make quite a difference among teenagers. It is a cool trend for children to ride an Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter to hang out with some friends. There are even some children who ride S8 to hunt for pokemons. The vehicle insensibly burns extra calories for riders. They need to control the center of gravity properly, to avoid falling off the vehicle. For some experienced and bold boys, they can even perform some stunt on S8. The smart gadget now gets more and more young people out on the road rather than staying home all day long.

Obesity leads to many diseases. Young people need to get more exercise to keep the body fit. If they find running and jogging not interesting enough, they can have a try of Airwheel saddle-equipped scooter S8 or m3 electric skateboards.

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