Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is a good way of fashionable transporting for youngsters

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Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is a new series product released in recent days. Referring to urban transporting, E6 e bike will have more excellent performance and bring more comfortable riding experience.

Mentioning electric bicycles, which type you will think? The answer may be the common heavy electricmobiles or the self-electric ones. And then do you know the mini e-bike, Airwheel E6? Youngsters who are sensitive to new fashions must be curious about this new gadget. Can E6 attract their attention and appreciation?

How does it look like? The first impression of E6 electric bicycle may surprises you. But the delicate figure and unique style present a new appearance that you will certainly accept. The porcelain white colour seems to be very enchanting and the interspersed orange blocks make it more energetic. E6 hoverboard motor refuses to go too far in pursuing fast speed for attaining attention. The 8-inch wheels, aluminium main skeleton and 12.6kg’s weight make E6 best electric bike easy to be carried and lifted by hands when moving.

E6 electric bike kit can shrink by folding so as to become smaller. The folding process is very easy. After folding the X-shape main skeleton, cushion, handrail and pedals, it is only 950mm×465mm×160mm so it is a piece of cake for keeping it into car trunk or carrying it into subway or buses.

How about the relationship between user and E6? It depends on the details design and the thinking perspective. The cushion adopts the separated design with left and right parts and the breathable rubber for avoiding the stuffiness in hot summer days’ riding; to get steady riding, E6 e-bike is embedded with double shock absorption system in the front and rear wheels so riders won’t feel too bumpy during riding.

How can it ensure riders’ safety during riding? E6 foldable electric bike apply the C-AT vehicle control system. Riders can accurately finish accelerating and decelerating actions with zero error so it won’t endanger riders due to faulty operations. Besides, it is also equipped with intelligent light system for safeguarding riding in nights.

All in all, Airwheel E6 won’t let you down. It is a good choice of fashionable vehicles for youngsters.

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