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The time of “Tiny Thing” is coming. Nowadays, people are always looking forward to the things with smaller size, so it is convenient for them to take it. For electric scooter, they also want to buy those with smaller size, stronger power and high safety. Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike is the scooter which can be fold as small size.

Lily is a newly officer who just graduates from the university, like many other colleagues, Lily rents the house and travel between home and company by public transportation. However, the public transportation is not so convenient and it takes Lily too much time to change between different buses. At this time, Lily needs the small electric scooter which is convenient for her. Airwheel E6 is the tiny electric scooter to meet the demands of customers.


Airwheel E6, the e-bikes is light and can be fold in frame, saddle, handle and peddle through pressing one button one time. After folding, it takes only small space, so Lily is easy to store it in her room which does not takes too much space. Tough Airwheel E6 electric skateboards is of small size, it is still powerful since the battery equipped with is imported battery which can last for a long time and be powerful on the way of riding. Lily does not worry about the lack of power on the half way any more.

Airwheel E6 is equipped with a cell phone APP in particular, which can check the scooter carefully before traveling. To guarantee the safety of riders, the APP can limit the speed intelligently. Once the software has checked the problem, it will alarm to warn the riders. Besides, the APP can also record the data of riders, such as the length of the journey, the location, etc. This function can protect riders in the maximum. With the APP on the cell phone, Lily can ride the folding electric bike more easily and safely.

Young people like Lily also rely on the digital devices, they cannot leave the devices any time. If Lily on the way home while her cell phone lacks the power, Lily will not feel safe. To solve this problem, Airwheel E6 is equipped with USB connector for digital devices to charge on the way. Lily is satisfied with her new intelligent e bike.

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