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In “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” there are five levels of needs: physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization in sequence from low level to high level. From the perspective of consumer satisfaction, different people have needs at all levels. Honestly Airwheel electric drift hoverboard can meet the requirements of all the levels for consumers.

Abraham Maslow, an American famous psychologist, put forward the “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” in A Theory of Human Motivation. Supposing the theory is applied into the intelligent self-balancing scooter industry, which kind of products can satisfy all the levels’ needs? Here is the answer. Airwheel is an international enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality electric scooters. After years’ accumulation, Airwheel R&D team becomes stronger enough and each product they designed is born for solving the real problems in daily life.

electric walkcars

To begin with, “Physiological needs” can be expressed as general functions of electric scooters. The purpose for buying electric scooter is to replace walking in daily commute. All the series of products of Airwheel can realize this function, including Q series, X series, S series, A series, Z series and M series self-balancing air board. Small in size and light in weight, they are easy to carry about.

There is no doubt that “Safety needs” can be interpreted as the effect on consumers’ body. Does a scooter have potential safety hazard for riders? For Airwheel products, it is not necessary to worry. For instance, natural rubber pedals, aluminum magnesium alloy material and dual cores and battery protection plates of S series electric walkcars offer security.

Next is the “Love and belongs”. Actually it can be explained that people need to communicate with each other. M3 maple electric skateboard is a typical case since riding this skateboard can show the personality. Therefore, it can leave a good communicative image.

As for the “Esteem”, we can say that consumers keep eyes on the symbolic meaning of the products. Riding intelligent self-balancing scooters is a fashion now. Sure, the last level “Self-actualization” means a higher demand of consumers. Earlier this year, Airwheel hoverboard showcased its first service robot S9 in each exhibition. As the future’s intelligent house keeper, S9 will bring more surprises. We are looking forward to more novel products for Airwheel together.

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