Airwheel Changes Both People and the City Transport with Its Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters

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  • Airwheel Changes Both People and the City Transport with Its Intelligent Self-balancing Scooters

Abstract: It’s usually thought that Airwheel only changed the city traffic with its products. Indeed Airwheel has also changed the citizens.

It’s no doubt that the city traffic have been greatly changed since Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are introduced to the public and become the favourable vehicles for those who love quality life in cities. Indeed, Airwheel has also gradually changed the people who live in modern metropolis—Airwheel changed their views on the intelligent technologies and the city traffic.
The new era of city traffic is led by intelligent self-balancing scooters. And the new era of intelligent scooters is led by Airwheel. Airwheel is the one who brought the intelligent self-balancing scooters to the public market when these new intelligent devices were still thought to be the toys for the rich or the governments with special needs. And such a strategy made Airwheel one of the industry leaders in the market. The various product lines have enabled Airwheel to cover all needs of consumers.

Many users of Airwheel intelligent scooters have changed their views on intelligent and electronic devices. In the past, intelligent and electronic devices are thought to be not suitable for works which demands capability of bearing heavy burdens. But the electricity powered Airwheel intelligent scooters amazed the world with their burden capacity of 120 kg and long range. For instance, even the X series electric unicycles can cover a long distance of 23 km which satisfies the needs of office workers who don’t live far from their companies and have suffered a lot from the terrible traffic jam and huge crowds in cities.

With the quick paces in modern cities, people have been enough with anything that takes long time or much energy. Things that are “quick and light” are attracting more and more people. Airwheel intelligent scooters have been widely accepted as the good choices for “quick and light” travels—the travels which don’t require much burden or don’t last long. The concepts of intelligent and green travels are also the trend of future products in all fields.

Airwheel changed not only the city traffic, but also the citizens who are trend setters and leaders in the life style. Airwheel S3 scooters are people’s companions in the “quick and light” city life.