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Airwheel has an accurate understanding of market trends. It has taken a specific stand in the product planning. In addition to its existing electric scooters, Airwheel is embarking on producing intelligent wearing devices. The intelligent helmet is the first trial.

As the intelligent vehicle industry is booming, the complementary products like smart helmets are gaining an upper hand in the market. In the intelligent age, anything that is less intelligent may be driven out of the market. Airwheel, a vanguard in the intelligent commuting industry, has successfully launched its smart helmets C5 to further grab the niche market.

There are many cases when people need to wear helmets and this led Airwheel to think, what the helmets can further do. To meet the requirements for intelligent commuting, Airwheel then released the multi-functional C5. It can protect users head on one hand while enable many auxiliary functions on the other hand. The intelligent helmet can be widely applied to daily riding and other fierce sports games. Airwheel has seen that many people have the needs of recording the adventurous journeys outside. But when the hands are engaged in games, they can’t take cameras or smart phones to shoot. Then Airwheel has integrated a HD camera lens on the C5, right above the eyes. It captures everything that the eyes have seen. The high quality lens will present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance. The 2000mAh battery can shoot continuously for 180 minutes after a full charge. There is also a 128G storage space.

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The intelligent feature of Airwheel Bluetooth helmet C5 is also activated when it is connected to smart phones via Bluetooth. Users can play music on the phone and listen to the music by the headset. The integrated speaker allows uses to answer phone calls. Just press the key on the helmet and they can have a clear call. This is a critical function in extreme sports. The music helps sportsmen to soothe the mind and soul. They don’t need to stop to answer phone calls, which may delay the game process.

It is an intelligent era now and the intelligent gadgets always facilitate daily life. Airwheel Intelligent helmet for road safety is way useful and helpful in many aspects. It has enjoyed popularity among young people and will be more widely accepted.

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