Airwheel: A Guide to the History of Helmet Past, Present and Future

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Helmet is an ancient protective device which has been handed down till now. They are widely used in sports and dangerous work activities. Airwheel has produced its first helmet this year. Let the company guide people to enjoy the history of helmet.

Helmet is a form of protective gear worn to protect head from injuries. The oldest known use of smart helmets was in ancient wars that solders wore thick leather or bronze helmets to protect the head from blunt weapons. Nowadays, soldiers still wear helmet but made of high-tech materials.

In civilian life, helmets are widely used for sports, dangerous work activities, and transportation. All bicycle riders are required to wear helmets on the road. Most of the current helmets are made from plastics, reinforced with fibers. As technology advances, people are no longer satisfied with the simple head protection of functions. Intelligent helmet, represented by Airwheel smart helmet C5, then was created.

Airwheel smart helmet

Airwheel helmet has inherited the head protection design of traditional helmets and can be applied to more aspects of life. C5 has been made of superior materials with equivalent crush resistance as Nokia Polycarbonate. When wearer’s head strike the road, C5 can absorb mechanical energy and protect head against heavy impact. It can also be used in extreme sports like rock climbing and ski diving. Apart from the head protection function, intelligent helmet has more smart functions. Taking C5 for example, it has been embedded with a camera lens, Bluetooth speaker and headset. The camera can record videos or take pictures on the road. When connecting C5 daqri Helmet to a smart phone via Bluetooth, the gadget enables rider to answer phone calls and listen to music without taking out and holding the phones on their hands. The intelligent gadget can also be connected to indoor network hot spot and allow data transmission function.

Current intelligent helmet has already shaken the world. But technological giants are engaged in creating VR(virtual reality) hardware, including VR helmet. Maybe in the future, helmet will be more versatile. VR cameras have already been launched by some companies. It will not be long for people to enjoy the fruits of the new technology. When traditional devices encounter modern technology, they will kindle the sparks of wisdom.

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