A good helper for shuttling in campus-Airwheel newly released Z5 standing up electric scooter

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Abstract: Except the electric scooter Z3, Airwheel releases a new product for Z series-Z5 standing up electric scooter. All the electric scooters of Airwheel are based on the real demand of the messes while Z5 is no exception. Z5 is also a good transport means for students or office workers. You will be impressed by its practicability for Z5.

In the past, most of the students may use bikes as their main transport means. In a large campus, it usually takes students much time to go from one place to another place. In the morning, students get up early to join class. In the evening, they go back dormitory with exhaustion. Now in this moment and even in the future, Airwheel Z5 carries you wandering in the campus as your wishes. As the manufacturer of intelligent transport means, Airwheel insists to research and develop practical electric self-balancing scooters which can bring really convenience to users. Airwheel commits itself to build-up a brand of intelligent transport means for letting people’s trip to be more convenient and freer.

z5 self-balancing air board

If Z5 standing up electric scooter is applied in the campus, it shall be easy to be stored. This means that even slim girls can lift it. Next advantage is the triple folding system installed in this scooter. They can carry it to the classrooms, dormitory or canteens easily after folding. Places like elevator, buses, subways or trunk of cars are also available.

While if students want to go somewhere far from the campus, Z5 electric scooter can also satisfy you. It adopts the module-based design for the battery. Therefore it is very easy to install or extract the battery. Even though riding to a place far from campus, students can have enough power if they prepare enough battery pack in advance. What’s more, the battery is equipped with high-efficient USB supply interface so daily intelligent devices like phone, tablet or cameras can be charged through this interface.

Z5 self-balancing air board is equipped with headlight. It can be lighted intelligently when meeting other transport means to sound warning. Airwheel Z5 is very suitable for students and it will be a good helper in campus life.