A Chic Wedding Will Be Held on Ridable Scooters Soon


Abstract: The key moment in the life can be the wedding. Each picture present in the wedding must be wonderful or memorable. How to have a chic wedding is the concern for all brides and bridegrooms. Now it may be a chic wedding that the bride and bridegroom roll on the scooters, like Airwheel F3 or Q5.

Airwheel F3 annular electric scooter is so small and exquisite. Around the rim there is a lap of red stripe on the tire. It makes tire well-marked, and it's also a sign of festiveness. By the side of rim, two pedals are installed like the wings of angel, which are about to carry my dream to set sail.


Airwheel Q5 twin-wheel scooter


And the top part above pedals is a hollow there. It's truly innovative. The annular body is coated a transparent shell made of PC & ABS composite materials with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. For some people can't rein electric unicycles well, Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled scooter could be the second choice.

Q5 is rather fresh and cute as the herald of spring in the dawn, going to bring you to enjoy the travel. Turn on the power button, and put one foot on the pedal. You put the other foot on when you gradually feel you've got balance since it is based on gyros theory and aviation attitude system. In light of the leaning protection system, you don't get hurt when it falls over.


F3 price airwheel


Before the wedding, it's necessary to practice to ride the scooters skillfully. Since the self-balancing electric scooter is based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, it's not quite difficult to maintain balance. A new couple is riding on the scooters to finish the memorable wedding, which is a chic wedding for all attendees.