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In choosing intelligent vehicles, everyone shall be prudent. However, when Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike comes and stands in front of you, you may be attracted at one sight.

Airwheel summons up all its courage and energy and then new products emerge continuously. Intelligent transporting vehicles, as some manufactures say, depend on the fantastic outlook to win the market and attract the attention of the youngsters. But, Airwheel invests the electric vehicle market with a new perspective so Airwheel E6 electric bike appears with innovation.

Airwheel Technology takes its distinctive folding electric bike to help you form a new recognition. Only weighing 14.15kg, E6 electric bicycle can bear a maximum of 100kg. This has a close relationship with the X-shape structure of E6 smart electric bike. The basic feature of physics principle is being fully applied and presented in an e-bike, a small and light vehicle.

E6 best electric bike

The highlight of E6 e bike should be the X-shape figure. The X-shape design will make the whole structure to reach up to a small size after folding every folding joint. There is a small part located at the intersection of the main skeleton so riders can pack it up only by drawing this part. Next is the folding of handrails, pedals and seat.

Not depending on the chains, E6 best electric bike like other scooter electric can cross each street and alleyways through the inner motor power with less energy. The exquisite battery pack adopts the design of same level of cars so the charging time will be shorter than common batteries.

The outstanding power control lies in the scientific combination of C-AT vehicle control system and EBS braking system. Before the R&D of E6 e-bikes, engineering verification staffs of Airwheel made plenty of tests and analysis for riding data and came up with a most optimal power solution. The system will calculate in accordance with the real-time status and terrain and provide the most power saving feedback. The EBS braking system will allow riders to control it after stopping and avoid any accidents happen.

With the special outlook and wisdom, Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike is beckoning. If you choose it as your daily commuting tool, you will know that yours insistence of waiting an awesome vehicle is right.

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